A Day in Ordesa

November 5, 2017By JamesHiking, Zoology No Comments

Last month my girlfriend and I hired a car in Barcelona and drove up to the Spanish Pyrenees for a few days of hiking and bird watching. We stayed in a small campsite in Valle de Bujaruelo beside Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park. We decided to spend one of our days in the mountains … Read More

Kenya Field Trip through Images

November 22, 2016By JamesZoology 2 Comments

For ten days at the beginning of November I went on a field trip to Kenya with a group of zoology, botany and environmental science students from Trinity College. The trip focused on ecology and conservation in Kenya’s portion of the East African Rift Valley but we were fortunate enough to learn a great deal about … Read More

A Day at the Game Auction

September 11, 2016By JamesZoology No Comments

“Do I hear 30,000? Yes, 32, 34, 36! 38? Do I hear 38,000? Yes, any more? Come on you can go higher, 39,000! Does anyone have 40? Yes, 41? Oh 41,000 on the left side. Going once, twice, sold! That’s one male sable antelope sold for 41,000 Rand”. One of the most bizarre experiences of my life … Read More

How a Leopard Rewilded Me

September 11, 2016By JamesZoology No Comments

In George Monbiot’s book, “Feral”, he writes about ‘rewilding the land, sea and human life’. Rewilding the land and sea is something I’ve come across before, I’ve been taught aspects of it as a zoology student. ‘Rewilding human life’, on the other hand, was an entirely new concept for me and it really hit home. … Read More