All of the photos in my gallery are available for print. Most images are open editions, but the images in my ‘Favourites’ gallery are limited editions. Printing is carried out by 360 DPI, a highly regarded professional printing lab based in Bray, Co. Wicklow.

If you are interested in knowing the story behind a particular photo before you order it or if you have questions regarding print quality, type, or if you have any questions about delivery get in touch with me either by completing the contact form below or by sending me an email at: 


Printing Options

- Fine Art Pearl (2D)

High quality prints using cotton based papers. This is a very popular finish for photography prints. There is a slight shine to the paper. 360 DPI use high quality paper from suppliers such as Hahnemühle Fine Art. These prints will need to be framed. Email for more info.

- Block Mounted (3D)

These formats are clean, modern and extremely high quality. The prints are seamlessly joined to the mounts with many different techniques available - e.g. Aluminium Composite Panel (Dibond) or MDF & Birch Plywood. These prints can have different thickness (12, 18 and 25mm). The print is finished with a laminate, available in a range of finishes.

  • "St. Kevin's Cave" as a 22x14 block mounted print

Price List

Fine Art Pearl


14 x 10 - €45 | €65 (L) 

18 x 12 - €55 | €75 (L)

20 x 16 - €70 | €90 (L)

24 x 16 - €90 | €110 (L)

30 x 20 - €110 | €140 (L)

40 x 30 - €190 | €230 (L)

Block Mounted 


10 x 8 - €80 | €110 (L)

16 x 12 - €90 | €120 (L) 

20 x 16 - €120 | €150 (L)

24 x 20 - €140 | €160 (L) 

30 x 20 - €200 | €250 (L)

40 x 30 - €300 | €370 (L)


* Sizes are in inches. Listed sizes are just sample sizes. You can custom order sizes to fit the space where you want to print to go. Prints are available up to 60 inches on the short side.

* (L) = Limited Edition (images that are in the Favourites gallery). I will only ever print 50 copies of the Limited Edition images. 

* Fine art prints will need to be framed. The price of framing varies depending on the size of the print. As a reference point, the framing for a 18 x 12 print is €70.

* Canvas prints and Acrylic mounts are also available – fill out contact form below or email ( for more information on sizes and pricing.

* Shipping rates will vary depending on where you are ordering from but I will do my best to keep this as cheap as possible. I offer free delivery for the greater Dublin area. 





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